Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Internet Battles Over...

With school just around the corner, 
this little white box could mean a little more
sanity for everyone!

In our home, we have struggled with kids choosing to be on the internet over homework, chores,  simply listening to my voice, staying up at night to go on the internet, downloading inappropriate movies and music, going to questionable chat rooms...you name it, we have had to address it with one kid or another.  Believe me, if it wasn't needed for school and work, I would have happily pulled the plug on the internet years ago just to avoid the headaches!!!

The only downfall to this gadget is that it came so late in the game for us!

This little cutie is called the Circle With Disney.  It is $89.00 and you can get it at Amazon, Target, Best Buy or the Disney Store.

But first, let me explain what it does...

You plug this baby into your internet router and now everything that comes through your internet, passes through the Circle before streaming out to gadgets in your home.

Next, you download a Circle app onto your phone or computer, that ONLY YOU have the password to.
Circle will identify all the devices that are accessing your wifi and list them for you.
You then make a profile for everyone in your house and assign the devices that belong to each person to their profile.
Circle offers several levels of filter that you can choose from for each profile.  For example, if you have a young child in your home, the filter on their profile could be set to 'Child'.  Circle would then automatically filter any unfavorable websites or content and that child couldn't access it.  Each person in your home can have a filter level that is appropriate for their age.

Let me just highlight a few of my favorite things you can do with Circle---

*Pause internet for an individual or the whole house and un-pause with one click
*Set bedtimes and wake times for each individual
*Set total time limits for each individual
*Check browsing history (cannot be erased by them!)
*Circle alerts you when a new device accesses your wifi
*Alerts you when the Circle has been tampered with

Being a new product, they are constantly working out the glitches and improving it.  But so far, I have found the technical support team to be very helpful and open to improvement ideas.

We did find internet speed to be a little slower, but our internet is choppy on a good day.  We also discovered that we had over 21 devices accessing our internet...that may have contributed!!! 😳

Did I mention that it was only $89.00???  So seriously worth it!  Like I said before, I only wish we had it when the kids were little.

"Not doing your chores like I asked?..."  Click.  "No more internet for you!"  Done.
Need I say more...?

If you want to learn more about it follow this link...Meet Circle


PJ Carlson said...

This is a great device. What parent doesn't want this kind of control?
I look forward to reading your blog!!

David and Cathy Carlson said...

Thanks for leaving a response, PJ! :) and thanks for the encouragement!!!