Saturday, April 27, 2013

"You Are A Fine Fellow!"

Between sleep and the wretched affects of chemo, Jack musters the energy to obey the Physical Therapists requests to exercise by riding a pedal powered go cart around the unit. 

Like a young, black Mr. Rogers, he animatedly smiles and waves at his neighbors that are too sick to leave their rooms, bringing faint but appreciative responses. 

"Pete", his "pet IV pump" ever trailing at his heals, Jack pauses at the end of the hall and declares to a doctor working away at a computer, "You are a fine fellow!"

YOU are a 'Fine Fellow', Jack!

Day Zero, Minus 3.....aka-transplant in 3 days....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day Zero Minus Six-no turning back now!

Chemo started today:
 It feels like either we embarked on a journey to Forever... or the beginning of the end. 
 I tried so many times to imagine what this day would feel like, but couldn't. 
 Now I know why; its surreal!
They just pumped two different types of toxic chemicals into his body, in an attempt to save his life! 

Over the next few weeks, my beautiful boy will feel the effects of the poison in his body while I sit by and helplessly watch.
We could debate about the medical alternatives, the pros and cons of traditional vs. alternative forms of treatment, but that's each families decision.  For us, it was clear, this was the road laid before us and the one we chose to take.
Ultimately, we trust in a God that leads, directs, and is the one that heals.