Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Can I just say?...


God has woven my path through some pretty incredible places.  No, I have not traveled the world or even seen much of the beauty in our own back yard, but I have journeyed to places I could never have imagined!

After parenting 11 incredible human beings who taught me more than I could have learned in as many lifetimes, I was sure that there was nothing that could challenge or excite me more.  David and I knew we hadn’t seen it all, but parenting had come at us full force with things like severe health issues, drug addiction and mental illness on top of the usual bag of tricks parents who deal with trauma affected kids see. 
Missing one :)

When all was said and done, I wasn’t sure if I even knew how to live life at a normal pace.  Let alone have friends, talk about things like pedicures, Nordstrom sales and exotic vacation places.-what were those?  (My idea of a vacation was the 10 minutes of quiet I stole in our 15 passenger van while waiting for the kids to finish baseball practice.  And ‘NO’, I did not participate with the other families in their tailgate parties…cuz, how on earth do you fit food for 13 on a tailgate??!)
Missing many, but included the one :)

In the Spring of 2013, as our 15 year old was just recuperating from a bone marrow transplant and I was beginning to adjust my eyes to the light at the end of the tunnel, when I was presented with an offer I could not refuse.

Ibsen Adoption Network had received a small grant to fund some post adoption support programs and they were looking for someone to head them up, would I like to have the job?  Part-time, not great pay, but something to really sink my teeth into as my kids slowly seeped out of the nest?...Absolutely!!!