Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well, dear hearts...2013 is behind us. 

 It leaves me with such a mix of emotions.  On one hand, I'm not sure there has ever been a year that I was so thankful to watch disappear in the rear view window!

 And yet, there is a part of me that doesn't want to let it go. 

Trials and treasures were so intricately woven into the fibers of the past 12 months.

 If only I could preserve the details under glass and set it upon a mantel.

  Seeing it fade behind me, I fear that it will be shortly lost to memory as well.

  But I have both hope and a terrible dread that there will be years to rival it, in the future.

The lessons learned through the trials of this past year fly in the face of fear...

There are no mistakes-

We are the ones that have been chosen to face what we face at this very time, for a perfect purpose.  So stand tall and look up!  God wants YOU on the frontline of THIS battle.

We don't have to know why-

Asking why the challenges exist, or why we are the ones that have to face them, waste energy and make us bitter.  What we need to ask is, what am I suppose to learn through this?  We already know why they are here...because YOU are the person GOD WANTED in this PLACE at this TIME!

Look up-

You can't fight a battle, when you are staring at your belly button!  Who has God placed around you, others that are struggling, people who want to help, a beautiful creation to lift your spirits and give you hope, a sunrise to remind you that its a new day...the best remedy for emotional exhaustion is to give thanks and to give to others.  Sitting in the corner licking our wounds only leads to infection- get up and give to others!

What challenges are you facing, how do you get through each day?

Share with us, so we can encourage each other.

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