Tuesday, April 28, 2015


We have waited 8 years for this spindly little dogwood to give us a bloom. 

 Today, I found this.  

In the rain. 

 On a less-than-ideal day. 

During a less-than-stellar week.  

I just LOVE little gifts from God like this!

I have felt a lot like that tree looks.  It really can't be blamed for not producing.  We have moved it several times, partly in an attempt to make it happier.  But our efforts have only made it more stressed.  Either way, in a strange way, I can relate.  At least this week!  

But here it is...
           The promise that blooms will come, when you least expect it!
       When you have forgotten that you were even made for blooming or have forgotten how. 

   ~ there they are in all their glory!!!